February 25, 2013

Project Update: New Nursery

finally i have pictures of the boys' nursery. so now that they are 13 months, am i still allowed to call it a nursery? is it just a room now? well whatever it is, i'm pretty happy with their new space. here was my inspiration board:

and here's what actually happened. just realizing now that i don't have a "before" shot. dumb! but the walls were yellow and that's about all that was going on.

(romans look navy in this pic but they are really charcoal)

(need to do a diy project and change the top of the table)

quickly back to the inspiration because you might be thinking, what happened? ...

  • curtains: the striped curtains went to the adjoining room in lieu of stripes on the ceiling. 
  • lamp: the little lamp is also in the playroom, for safety reasons. 
  • rug: i had to forgo the rug because 1. i didn't win the battle and 2. the wool carpet that i originally bought for the room is really nice and soft and i was being silly thinking i wouldn't use it. 
  • rocking chair: i loved it but didn't need. 
  • headboards: they will happen one day when C&F move to real beds (wahhh!).

now for what is in the room:

  • paint colors: san antonio grey, ben moore, on the ceiling and hinting blue, sherwin williams, on the walls. 
  • shades: for the windows i went with simple white and gray romans from the shade store. they are just like with ones in our bedroom except with a charcoal gray border. i like the look - very clean and tailored. 
  • the chairs, sheepskin rug, and dresser are from the boys' original nursery in our old house. 
  • art: i did spring for the alphabet print from this post. the elephant print is from etsy (see this post). i decided to hang only the elephant in the middle because i'm nervous of putting anything where they can reach it. the giraffe is waiting to find it's home :)
  • the ikea nightstand and cb2 pouf (which is much darker in person unfortunately) are both from the inspiration board. 

that's it! i hope everyone had a great weekend - we had another gross weather weekend. summer can not come soon enough.

1 comment:

Melissa W. said...

Love the room! I have win boys too! My boys will be four in a few weeks!

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