June 26, 2013

No. Just No.

i have professed my love for j crew in the past but they have also had some major stumbles in my book. see here and here (my full on rant!). and now one more.

even on safari i would look a little ridiculous wearing the outfit below.

also i think i owned this dress in the 6th grade in 1992!! tying a sweater around the waist does help to hide the pattern a little i guess.

now granted, i can walk into j crew at any given moment and find something i love. just not this. never this. :) agree? disagree?


Jennifer said...

Ha ha! I love your J. Crew rants. My husband appreciated your post about the "tiny pants" epidemic in men's fashion. So true/funny.

Lacey said...

I can see Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor in these respective outfits. They were imaginary people, let's keep their wardrobe that way too. I stand behind your objection to these tragedies!

Anonymous said...

i think this is great. i adore jcrew but they always have a few things i just don't understand.

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