December 12, 2013

Recent Scores!

so can i just say toddlers are funny little creatures. the twins are at the point where they can string two or three words together and they come out with some pretty hysterical stuff. like the other day we were all in the family room, sitting on the sofa reading a book and in the middle of the story, one of my little guys pointed to daddy and said "pant off." just to confirm i asked him, "you want daddy to take his pants off?" "yep." very matter of factly, like 'duh obviously'. we just burst out laughing! i hope to feature more funny toddler sayings on a regular basis now that we are entering a whole new world of talking. :)

anywayyyy this is the last post of this week's theme of updates to my house! i thought i'd quickly share two recent finds. okl was having a visual comfort lighting sale last week and i scored a pair of sconces for $150 each with free shipping!

the vintage brass finish feels right at home with the stripes and provides some contrast to the mirror (the builder sconces are nice but they are almost exactly the same color as the mirror and i think all those dark finishes made the whole thing look a little heavy - see here for the before). it feels so good to have finished off the fireplace wall!

the dining room has been in need of a mirror ever since the coral buffet came to live with us. i was going round and round on what to do with this space but finally settled on a classic sunburst from global views. by some weird fate wayfair had it for $318 (look on any other website and it's over $400) and my mom randomly emailed that she had 10% at wayfair. so i scored this mirror for under $300! plus wayfair always has free shipping.

need to style the console a bit more but i like where it's going. told you i am on a tear to get this house looking good for the holidays!!

1 comment:

Lacey said...

LOVE the burst over the buffet! What a fun yet classic look.

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