February 10, 2014

Project Update: Kitchen Facelift

i keep trying to move along with my kitchen facelift project. (see here for progress thus far)  and as i mentioned before, the next step was to get rid of the yellow walls! i struggled to find the right paint color but felt like a blue-gray would freshen things up. i painted a bunch of swatches on the walls in different spots to see them in different lights and then we agonized, and agonized some more, over which one was right. and even if we found the "right one", was blue-gray really the right direction? ugh picking paint colors is hard!!

so here's what i had up:

top: 50% iced slate
middle far left: gentle gray
middle middle: silver mist
middle far right: 50% gentle gray
bottom: nimbus (for a change of pace but it looked muddy on the wall)
   all benjamin moore

and guess where we landed? 50% gentle gray! i really loved the gentle gray because it was hard to tell in different lights, is it blue? is it gray? is there a hint of green? it felt like it had some depth and ambiguity almost. but we ultimately decided that it was too much color so i tried it at 1/2 strength and it really seemed like the answer.

(our snow globe)

buh bye yellow :) overall it reads slightly more blue than i intended but it's by no means baby blue and in some lights really does look gray. so i will mark this one in the win category (we all know i've had some losses too!).

next up - window treatments!


Lacey said...

LOVE it and love that the color will change with the seasons and the different lights through out the day. Compliments the back splash beautifully too!

Anonymous said...

love that color! i have been looking at light blue-grey paints as well.

Anonymous said...

I completely love the color, it really did turn out to be beautiful. I am looking at the same color scheme - how did you get them to do it at 50% I asked the guy at our local store and he said I can't make it lighter...

meredith said...

thanks everyone! the paint store should really be able to take just about any color and lighten or darken it by quarters - for example 25%, 50%, or 75%. if your paint store isn't able to do it, try another place. it is definitely doable!

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