July 21, 2014

Design Board: F's Big Boy Room

a week ago i shared my ideas for c's big boy room and this week i'm onto f's. this room has been so much harder for me to design because it's pushing me out of my comfort zone which i think is a really good thing! i got into a funk with ideas so i went back to the basics - what colors? i stared at the alphabet print that's in his room currently and pulled all of the colors out of there. light blue, navy, grey, and brown with a pop of orange. this also ties in the current wall color (blue) and ceiling (grey and white stripes).

since the walls and ceiling already make a statement, i wanted to keep the main pieces of furniture simple. and also warm - there are a lot of cool colors going on so need to bring in some warmth through textures. i came up with two ideas using different bed options. and i need HELP!!

option 1: woven headboard. this would obviously require a bed skirt too - not sure how i feel about that. the dresser in the lower left corner stays and the lamp in the bottom left corner is already in the room. the bedding is serena and lily given to us by my mom when we did our bed swap (they took our two twin beds and gave us one full size).

options 2: upholstered bed. i like the fully upholstered look but it's a pretty similar style to charlie's bed and i wanted each room to be unique.

so what do you think? ideas and (friendly) opinions welcome :)


Anonymous said...

My only thought, tho I like the woven look, how comfy would it be to lean against reading?

Lacey said...

I'd definitely go the upholstered route. Although the woven is lovely, I would imagine it wouldn't hold up through all the "monkeys jumping on the bed" as well as the upholstered would. Also, I am totally with you on the bed skirt thing. Could you do the woven headboard in a guest or another room? It is pretty cool...

Forward Thinking Design = A Life Well Lived said...

I agree that the woven, as lovely as it is, would not hold up through all of the "monkeys jumping on the bed" !
I speak from experience :)

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