July 15, 2014

Outdoor Console Table

our new outdoor table came last week and we are loving the extra space! we cleaned the porch up yesterday (for the 18th time this year - damn pollen) and had dinner outside. it's just so nice. especially with the globe lights on :)

anyway, we have this really old piece of furniture that serves as a catch all for anything that we don't want to put on the table - like a drink tub. but i noticed last weekend that it's completely rotted! totally unsalvageable which is annoying because it's nice to have a little storage out there. i keep seeing great outdoor console tables/bars that would be nice to have one day (but first we need to save up and prioritize - like the boys' rooms!).

the most basic option - and also very small - would be an outdoor bar cart like this one from west elm. bar carts are so in - inside or out!

this one is from serena and lily and the top slides off and there is a built in drink storage area inside.

this is from west elm again and has more storage but it's an actual bar and the counter overhangs in the back so you can pull up stools. wouldn't really work for my needs but it's pretty.

this one is from pottery barn and i like the concrete top - breaks up some of the wood.

here is another built in drink tub with plenty of space for other stuff too. from crate and barrel.

what other options or ideas have you seen? these are all from the "expected" sources but i keep thinking home goods would have something, well, good. ;)


Lacey said...

I just bought the crate & barrel one (hello floor sample sale!) and adore it. We had a party over the weekend and had a lot of compliments on it and then slid it shut and had dinner on it last night. Great versatile piece.

meredith said...

ah i'm so jealous! that's an awesome score!

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