August 22, 2014

Tax Free Weekend Score!

in massachusetts we have this little thing called tax-free weekend where they waive the sales tax on anything under $2,500. so we took full advantage and bought a mattress for one of my little ones (already had a mattress for one), a dresser for the other little one, and as it happens an outdoor console (remember this post?). i saw online that the console was on sale but to get tax free you have to purchase from a store. so i called our local pottery barn who happened to be having a floor model sale and the console that i loved so much was 20% off. eh, ok not great but i asked if they could do any better and they took another $100 off. plus i had a handy little 15% off up my sleeve which in total knocked it down to 40% off. ok now we're talking! when i factored in no tax and no shipping, which is always a disgusting amount, it seemed too good to pass up. even mr. r agreed. ;)

i think i talked a lot about our new outside table but never really shared it here. well here it is!

have a great weekend - can't believe it's the end of august!!

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