January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014 Wrap Up

hello friends and happy new year!! it was really nice to take a vacation from the blog and i think it actually helps the creative juices. today my little babies turn 3! i can not believe it. they are so fun (and also so opinionated!) at this age. happy birthday boys, i love you!

what a christmas it was! let me start with the good which was christmas eve dinner at my house! earlier i had posted a table scheme and i love how it came together in person! (i shared a couple of other shots of my table on instagram too)

the arrangements from the florist were horrible. i wanted lots of white, not a ton of green, and not many roses. it must have been opposite day. the only thing that i liked were the peonies so i ran out to whole foods and scooped up white hydrangeas and tulips and created my own.

also thought i'd share my outfit which included the red heels from this post. loved them (until they were thrown up on later in the night...more on that to come!).

(top-old tory burch, jeans-mother)

but unfortunately christmas day was pretty awful in the end. my little finn was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and we stayed for 2 nights. he was seriously the best patient ever. i think they wanted to clone him. but it made for a stressful couple of days.

this was the longest amount of time that the twins had ever been apart and charlie was over the moon excited to see his "brover" again. they talked on the phone and told each other they loved each other. when we got home they had the biggest hug. just about the cutest thing ever...and then they wrestled and got in fights over toys and everything was back to normal again ;)

thanks for all of the messages and support for finn. not a christmas we'll soon forget (although i hope he does!).

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Jess said...

So impressed with your table. Love your top and shoes!! And most importantly, glad Finn is better. xo

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