June 1, 2011

Multi Purpose

so our dining room is very close to being "done." lots of things went on in here...new table and chairs (here and here), navy paint on the walls, new artwork (here and here), curtains, rug, and a chair rail (which was added before i started this blog!). that's a lot of stuff. there are still things left to do - the floors for one - replacing the wall to wall carpeting with hardwoods but not in the budget, not gonna happen. and adding a mirror to the big blank wall.

for a long time i pondered installing sheet mirror directly on the wall and creating a built-in look with moulding. for whatever reason, i never could quite decide on the moulding. plus the pricing from my contractor was higher than i hoped. this was my inspiration photo.

fast forward to a couple of months ago while i was browsing pottery barn for a completely different reason and got a little side tracked when i saw this:

a giant 51x48" mirror. simple, beveled edge, white frame and on sale. it was sold in the bathroom section and marketed as a vanity mirror. but it's the perfect size for my dining room wall so with an open mind, we hung it up. while it might not be the most inspired or design-like option, it fits our needs and more importantly works with our budget.

and i can't believe how much it opened up the room instantly. so keep an open mind when you're browsing around - many things can be used for multiple purposes.

p.s. we hung it off to the right on purpose. see that little corner cupboard? it's so not cutting it anymore. something a bit bigger would be nice. hehehe. stay tuned :)

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