January 9, 2015


it's friday and we made it through the first week after the holidays. we should all celebrate - it wasn't easy. ;) getting back into the routine, especially now with kids, is so hard. i've been thinking that i'll start trying to dedicate fridays to clothing/fashion posts. seems right for the weekend!

it's been a little while since i've done one of my j crew rants so it's probably about time for another ;)  (here, here, here) as i always say, i'm one of their biggest fans and have a major love affair with them in general. but sometimes i think they go a little...astray.

first, are you aware that they now carry xxx-small? that's 3 extras. who are they marketing to? but it leads me to gripe #2 - everything is oversize. i'd be willing to bet that 1/2 of their tops including sweaters, tunics, shirts, all of it, have the word "oversize" or "loose fit" in the description. i get it to a point - a flowy top and skinny jeans are practically my uniform but it's getting seriously over the top. (pun intended!)

let me just demonstrate this oversize thing in pictures...

imagine i walked up to you wearing this. you would definitely think, and i hope say out loud, sweet moo-moo. i don't even know how to spell moo-moo. mu-mu? *this is not found in the sleepwear section!

maybe it's the way she's standing? (but i don't think so)

i mean...she just looks pissed off. i would be too. although this sweater is nearly sold out so clearly lots of people are on board with this one.

not sure if this fits in the oversized category or just really weird, but either way...you're welcome.

i almost bought those shorts. (no i didn't)

and i bet they wouldn't need xxx-small if the clothes were sized differently. but hey, that's just me. now off to place an order, just none of these pieces. ;)


Lacey said...

I read this the other day and thought of you:


J Crew is officially off my list! Bummer.

Jess said...

Omg, I'm laughing so hard! I'd lOve to see you in those shorts. The models look really sad to be in over sized clothes! What is happening?!

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