August 3, 2015


as of today, it has officially been 5 years since i started blogging. what?!?! i started this blog to take my mind off of a tough situation that i was facing at the time and who would have guessed that it would spark such a passion for interiors and design? i've taken some breaks and had some gaps over the years but generally speaking i've been coming back to this blog and writing content in some form. what in the world have i had to say?? it's hard to believe that i've had 5 years worth of stuff to talk about. but i keep coming back because i truly enjoy it and now it's helping me to build a little business. thanks so much for coming here to read what i have to say!

so i thought i'd take a look back at some of my more popular posts...

this one has been coming up lately with a bunch of views. i would take any one of these kitchens!

we have majorly upgraded the exterior of our house this summer. but we also made some big color changes at our last house that had a big impact. we took it from blue on blue to greige and black. the transformation was pretty great!

the nursery i designed for my babies also at our last house. it was very short-lived in the end but it was worth it!

and the big boy rooms in our current house which i love so much.

and of course one of my j crew rants :) the original one actually!

any other favorites that you have? :)

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